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Due to the loose shooting style for INLAND EMPIRE, many crew members from this film and David Lynch's previous films were able to appear in small roles.

Cameos Edit


Karen Baird (costumes and wardrobe) plays Nikki's servant.

Phil DeSanti (camera assistant, construction, and key production team) plays Tim Hurst, the 2nd A.D. on On High in Blue Tomorrows.

Chamonix Bosch (set P.A. on The Straight Story) plays Sally Irwin, the 3rd A.D. on On High in Blue Tomorrows.

Sara Glaser (utility sound) plays Ellen Thomas, the script supervisor on On High in Blue Tomorrows.


Edward St. George (key hairstylist) plays a hair stylist on The Marilyn Levens Starlight Celebrity Show.

Marsha Lewis (Diane Ladd's hairdresser) plays Marilyn Levens's hairdresser.

Stage manager

Jeremy Alter (co-producer, additional camera operator, construction team; also assistant location manager on Lost Highway) plays the stage manager for The Marilyn Levens Starlight Celebrity Show. His son, Scout Alter, plays Billy Side's son.

Devons agent

Jerry Stahl (co-writer of Twin Peaks Episode 11) plays Devon Berk's agent. Stahl was in the throes of heroin addiction when he worked on Twin Peaks, and according to Mark Frost and Harley Peyton, turned in an incomprehensible script with blood stains on it which had to be entirely rewritten by the regular writing staff. (Source: Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks, by Brad Dukes, 2014 short/Tall Press, p. 188.)

Devons driver

Austin Lynch (David Lynch's son and a member of the construction team, as well as costarring with David Lynch in the Out Yonder web series and portraying Mrs. Tremond's grandson in Twin Peaks Episode 9) plays Devon Berk's driver (who notes that Nikki has a nice ass).

Nikkis manager

Jason Weinberg (Laura Dern's manager) plays Nikki Grace's manager.

Devons wardrobe

Heidi Bevins (costumes and wardrobe) plays Devon Berk's wardrobe assistant.

Camera operator

Scott Ressler (first assistant camera on Lost Highway, The Straight Story and Mulholland Drive) plays a camera operator on On High in Blue Tomorrows.

What time

Adam Zdunek (key production team, Poland) plays the man on the street who asks the Lost Girl's husband what time it is.

Wardrobe assistant

Kris Kane (Jeremy Irons's assistant) plays Nikki Grace's wardrobe assistant.


Michelle Clark (key makeup artist) plays a makeup artist on On High in Blue Tomorrows.