Visitor 1

Visitor #1 (Grace Zabriskie) is a mysterious figure who gives Nikki her first hints about the curse.

Things That Happened Edit

The Visitor is first seen on the Lost Girl's TV, on fast-forward, walking toward Nikki's house. Shortly thereafter, these events play out.

The Visitor comes to Nikki's house claiming to be a new neighbor who lives just down the street, in a brick house "tucked back in the small woods," difficult to see from the road. The Visitor knows that Nikki is up for a new role, and asks if the film is about marriage. Nikki responds, "Perhaps in some ways." The Visitor then asks if Nikki's husband is involved. Nikki says he is not. The visitor then tells "an old tale" and "the variation."

The Visitor asks Nikki if the film involves a murder. Nikki denies this, but the Visitor insists that the film involves a “brutal fucking murder.” Nikki, disturbed, asks the Visitor to leave. The Visitor good-naturedly replies:

I can’t seem to remember if it’s today, two days from now, or yesterday. I suppose if it was 9:45, I’d think it was after midnight. For instance, if today was tomorrow, you wouldn’t even remember that you owed on an unpaid bill. Actions do have consequences. And yet there is the magic. If it was tomorrow, you would be sitting over there…
She then points her finger and seems to transport Nikki through time and space to the following day, when Nikki receives a phone call that she has been cast as Susan Blue.

Kingsley later references a "ninety-year-old niece" who has been fascinated by Smithy since the day the film went into production. She keeps asking who is playing Smithy in her "ancient foreign voice." Given the Visitor's knowledge that Piotrek would be involved in the film, it is possible that Kingsley is talking about the Visitor, who has a thick Polish accent.

Footage of Visitor #1 replays at the very end of the film after Nikki has broken the curse. She smiles at Nikki.

Trivia Edit

  • Grace Zabriskie had previously worked with David Lynch on the TV series Twin Peaks and the feature film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (in the role of Sarah Palmer), and on the film Wild at Heart (playing Juana Durango). She went on to reprise her Twin Peaks role in the 2014 Blu Ray feature Between Two Worlds, and did so again in Twin Peaks: The Return.