Kingsley Stewart (Jeremy Irons) is the director of On High in Blue Tomorrows. He has a British accent and loves making speeches. He deems information "indispensable," and has his assistant Freddie out "purposefully" gathering information.

Things That Happened Edit

Kingsley is excited to work on the project, and at the initial cast and crew meeting, he tells Nikki that she has everything she needs to "soar back to the top and stay there."

The producers of the film kept Kingsley in the dark as to the curse, and he only learned of it through Freddie. Despite being angry at the producers, and apparently believing that the story is actually cursed, he continues with the production of the film.

While lying in the makeup chair, Nikki overhears Kingsley telling someone about a “90-yr-old niece” who has been fascinated by Smithy ever since they went into preproduction. She has been asking in an “ancient foreign voice,” “Who is playing Smithy?” This may imply that Kingsley knows or is related to Visitor #1.

Kingsley is long-suffering, dealing with many minor setbacks on set. Lighting seems not to be Kingsley's strong suit. During a confusing exchange with Bucky J, Kingsley equivocates greatly, first asking for a light to go up two feet, then deciding it should go down two feet, then down a foot.

Kingsley observes Nikki becoming increasingly erratic on set, blowing a take when she yells, "Damn! This sounds like dialogue from our script!" Kingsley bellows, "What the bloody hell is going on?"

Kingsley 2

When Nikki wraps Sue's death scene, Kingsley leads a round of applause for her. However, he becomes worried when she does not get up for a long time, and even moreso when she seems to be in a trauma state after getting up. He follows her to hug her and to tell her that she was wonderful, but she wanders off without saying anything.

Trivia Edit

In the Lynch documentary, Lynch can be seen taking a call from Jeremy Irons. Lynch tells Irons a little bit about the film, and Irons agrees to appear.