Koz kakawski

Koz Kakawski (Stanley Kamel) is a member of a traveling circus troupe that performs in the Baltic region. He and seven other members of the group attend a backyard party hosted by Smithy, and recruit him to join their circus. At the party, Koz gets in a fight with another member of the circus who took his hammer.

Room to Dream Edit

Koz costars with Lanni and Lori in a short deleted scene, which was released on Room to Dream, a promo DVD which was sold with ProTool editing software. In the scene, Koz sits stoically in the backyard of Smithy's house with Lanni and Lori. Koz seems to be experiencing some sort of temporal displacement. Lanni says she thought Koz went to the circus, and he says he did. Yet, he is somehow "near here." Some sort of disturbance occurs, which suddenly turns day into darkness, and Koz and the girls break into a somber love song called "It Happened."