Marilyn levens

Marilyn Levens (Diane Ladd) is the host of The Marilyn Levens Starlight Celebrity Show, a popular interview TV show. She seems primarily interested in gossip-mongering.

Things That Happened Edit

Marilyn interviews Nikki and Devon to promote On High in Blue Tomorrows, which has just been announced. Marilyn mentions a “shocking revelation by Devon,” and asks if Nikki can be true to her "hubby" with a wolf in the den. Nikki insists that they’ll be professional, and Devon tells Marilyn that if she's looking for shock value, she should look in a mirror. Marilyn acts amused. She then does her trademark closing, promising her audience that she will report everything she finds out “there and there and there, beyond around the world!”

Trivia Edit

  • Diane Ladd is the mother of Laura Dern, who plays Nikki. The two previously appeared together as mother and daughter Marietta and Lula Fortune in David Lynch's Wild at Heart, a performance which earned Ladd an Oscar nomination. The Lynch 2 documentary shows Lynch talking to Ladd on the phone when she agreed to play this role, and also shows the end of Ladd's day on set.
  • The announcer for Levens's show is played by William H. Macy in a cameo. The Lynch 2 documentary shows Lynch speaking on the phone to Macy, asking if he thinks it might be fun to play an announcer for a scene, and also shows the shooting of Macy's scene.