Various characters use the wiggling or pointing of a finger or hand to control or influence people and time in magical ways.

The First Visitor seems to transport Nikki through time and space by pointing her finger, moving Nikki to the next day, when she received a call that she has been cast in On High in Blue Tomorrows.

At Forty Deuce, Carolina directs Sue upstairs to Mr. K's office, seemingly using her hand to control Nikki's movements.

In a bar, the Phantom uses his finger to "hypnotize" Doris into murdering Sue.

Lori finger

Lori mockingly makes the same "hypnotizing" finger motion that the Phantom made, toward Chelsi.


When Sue leaves Mr. K's office and runs downstairs, the camera lingers on a strange object dangling from the banister which resembles Carolina's arm in a red sleeve, pointing the same direction Sue is running.