More Things That Happened Edit

Sue speaks to Mr. K about her sister. Sue is living with her sister. The sister calls her husband "Kiddo."

She works as a waitress at a diner, and leaves around 4pm when the dinner crew comes in. She has "been drinking more and more at night as the years go on." As soon as she comes home, she plants herself on the couch next to Kiddo and they start drinking Four Roses bourbon mixed with water, and tap "a fifth" before the 7:00 news. She will only fix food for Kiddo, not for Sue or anyone else. By 10:30 or 11, they are completely "in the bag."

Sue says she hears Kiddo laughing at the dumbest shit on TV. She says it was Kiddo's idea to give Sue her own shelf in the fridge because he has a "hard-on” for not running out of his favorite stuff. Sue likes ice cream around 10:30 or 11. Kiddo came into Sue's room one morning after his wife went to work and tried to crawl into bed with her "after making sure he had a buncha breakfast." He sat on the end of her bed, rubbing her foot, “all smiley,” and said, “Bet you’re all soft and warm down in that little bed. Maybe a little lonely, though?” She then threatened to chop his penis off and leave it on her shelf in the fridge with a tell-all note to her sister if he ever even thought about hitting on her again.